Hydraulic Compactors

Better compactors through better design.

Whether you call them shakers, plate compactors, hoe pacs, or tampers, INDECO’s hydraulically-driven, boom-mounted compactors feature five models with centrifugal forces from 2,418 – 33,354 lbs to help you get the job done fast. Specifically designed for compaction in pipe trenches, foundations, and other confined areas, Indeco compactors are tailored to fit a wide range of carriers from 3,800 – 100,000 lbs. and feature oil-bath lubrication of eccentric bearings to ensure long term protection against wear.


Our hydraulically-driven eccentric weight systems are engineered to provide the optimum ratio of force and speed for your required depth penetration; reducing air voids and moving more material faster.

1. System with roller bearings and oil-bath lubrication.

2. Rubber shock-absorption system.

3. Thick chassis and baseplates made from special steel alloys.

4. Hydraulic system.

5. Innovative design.

6. Pressure- and flow-control valve.

7. Intelligent hydraulic connections.

8. Hydraulic motor with special seals.

9. Full 360° hydraulic rotation, with protection valve.

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