Pedestal Boom Systems

SBS Series Pedestal Boom System for Primary Crushers.

The Indeco SBS Series Pedestal Boom System has many new technology features that make the workload more manageable and increase productivity at the primary crusher. Engineered to mount over the mouth of your crusher, a heavy-duty Indeco SBS pedestal boom system puts an end to downtime associated with bridged or oversized materials slowing up your operation. Consisting of a mounted boom and stick, a hydraulic power supply unit, and a heavy-duty hydraulic breaker from Indeco, SBS Series Pedestal Boom Systems are designed to rake material, break material, and keep your product and profits flowing.

MBS Series Pedestal Boom System for Portable Crushers

Indeco MBS Series Pedestal Booms are specifically designed for use on portable crushing plants and have been shown to increase productivity by as much as 30% by removing bridged rock and breaking oversize in the hopper without any need to stop a plant or relocate equipment. Lightweight but heavy-duty, the MBS Series Boom System can be supplied with its own dedicated power pack unit or plumbed into the hydraulic system of the crusher. Optional wireless remote controls can be placed in the cab of a loader operator or traditional controls can be safely located in an operator’s station. 

1. Electro-hydraulic proportional control valve.

2. Protected connections to cylinders.

3. Oversize long-stroke high-pressure cylinders.

4. High-pressure distributor for maximum rotation angle.

5. Variable-section high-strength steel frame.

6. Special torsion reinforcements.

7. High-pressure hydraulic hoses.

8. Heat-treated and greased pins and bushings.

9. Oversized mounting base.

10. Anti-drop and load control valves.

11. Access panels for maintenance purposes.

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