Excavator Auxiliary Power Packs

Versatile enough to tackle a variety of tasks.

For hardworking blue-collar professionals in search of mulching attachments for their excavators or skid steers, Indeco North America has you covered. Our versatile and reliable auxiliary excavator power packs are purposefully designed with your high-production needs in mind.Unlike expensive, single-purpose tractor type carriers offered by many companies, Indeco’s power packs provide you with a cost-effective alternative. With our solution, you can transform your conventional excavator into a powerful land clearing machine, giving you the flexibility you need on the job.

One significant advantage of our excavator mowing head over traditional tractor types is the extended reach it provides. With our attachment, you can confidently tackle challenging terrains, even wet areas, while operating from a safe and dry distance. Indeco North America’s power packs are custom-engineered to seamlessly fit any excavator or skid steer, ensuring a perfect match for your mulching needs on construction sites. Get the job done efficiently and safely with Indeco’s reliable equipment, tailored to meet the demands of your construction work.


  • Limited Rotor Stalling
  • Quicker Recovery
  • Sustained Grinding Performance
  • Direct Hydraulic Power Delivered to Mulcher
  • Custom Design and Built for Your Excavator
  • Tier IV
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