Rotating Hydraulic Grapples – Multigrabs – Jaws

Take a chunk out of our material handling and not your budget.

Indeco North America’s new IMG Series of MultiGrabs (Jaws) have been specifically designed to meet your most demanding material handling, sorting, recycling, and demolition requirements. Featuring five different models in a variety of sizes to accommodate all major excavator brands, Indeco-Breakers’ IMG Series now runs on the same hydraulic system as the excavator, a marked improvement over the old IDG Series. Combining full 360-degree rotation, a high-pressure hydraulic cylinder, and interchangeable and synchronized jaws to handle multiple applications, Indeco’s new IMG Series of MultiGrabs provides exceptional performance, above-average payload, superior gripping force, and reduced maintenance costs.

1. High-pressure hydraulic cylinder provides better gripping force and demolition performance.

2. Protective casing for the cylinder and internal lever controls.

3. Synchronized jaws enable smooth movements and handling of thin materials

4. Frame and jaws made from HARDOX® wear-resistant steel.

5. Jaws interchangeable according to the material to be handled and the specific use required.

6. Interchangeable and reversible wear blades; teeth can be mounted to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

7. Heat-treated pins.

8. End-of-stroke cushion for the cylinder.

9. Innovative design provides better grip and improves maneuverability, with above-average load volume.

10. Protection valves for hydraulic rotation.

11. Equipped with full 360° hydraulic rotation for better grip under any working conditions.

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