Hydraulic Pulverizers

Pulverizers and Multiprocessors that power through your primary & secondary Demolition Applications.

Built to the highest quality standards in the industry, Indeco’s new IFP fixed and IRP rotating pulverizers are ideal for pulverizing reinforced concrete materials and structures, enabling operators to separate the concrete from the steel rods. The unique Indeco Multi is a highly cost-effective, versatile tool for demolition companies that need to handle a broad range of demolition tasks at various job site locations utilizing the same piece of equipment.

IFP and IRP Series Pulverizers

Utilizing the most technologically advanced materials and specifically engineered to withstand high levels of pressure, wear, and abrasion, Indeco’s new IFP and IRP Series pulverizers feature an innovative design that provides better grip, makes them easier to handle and enhances the hydraulic energy to be most efficiently applied to demolition. The unique shape of Indeco pulverizers helps to reduce force variation between start (maximum opening) and finish (minimum opening) operating sequences. This leads to greater efficiency when demolishing materials and reduces both working time and stress transmitted to the excavator. 

The Indeco Multiprocessor

An extremely versatile product that combines the functionality of steel shears, a demolition crusher, and a pulverizer thanks to its unique jaw shape and different jaw sets, the new Indeco North America Multiprocessor is a highly cost-effective solution for companies that need to handle a wide range of job site demolition tasks without additional equipment.

1. Position of the hydraulic cylinder protects the rod.

2. Exclusive geometric design ensures that the pulverizing force remains as constant as possible between maximum and minimum opening.

3. Special latches.

4. Interchangeable teeth mounted on a bolt-on plate with tooth sockets.

5. The distance between the cutters located inside the jaws can be adjusted, so that steel rods inside reinforced concrete can be cut more efficiently on both sides of the interchangeable cutters can be used.

6. Innovative design provides better grip and improves maneuverability, extremely rigid structure prevents buckling.

7. Greasing system for better lubrication of moving mechanical parts.

8. Wide opening between the jaws.

9. Frame and jaws made with HARDOX®.

10. “Regeneration valve” which enables the movable jaw to be closed more quickly under no-load conditions.

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